No Kim Yu-Na at 4 Continents 2011

No Kim Yu-Na at 4 Continents 2011

No Kim Yu-Na at 4 Continents 2011 ~ with No Kim Yu-Na at 4 Continents 2011  no surprise then, it’s an all Japanese line up on the medals podium (below), although of course Mirai Nagasu does reprepresent the USA.

With Kim Yu-Na not competing at Four Continents Competition 2011 it is not surprising to see Ando and Asada in the gold and silver spots. Kim Yu-Na was the only skater that stood a chance against these two outstanding ice dance champion’s.
It is however a surprise to see Asada in second place (silver) perhaps she was lulled into a sense of false security without her close rival Kim Yu-Na to push her on.
Four Continents Competition 2011 winners :- 1st Miki Ando (JPN), 2nd Mao Asada (JPN), 3rd Mirai Nagasu (USA)
Interesting the winners namse all begin with ‘M’  “TheThree M‘s”  Miki Ando ~ Mao Asada ~ Mirai Nagasu
There was a Kim at the ISU 4 Continents and she was South Korean but it was not the Olympic champion Kim we all wanted to see, instead it was the brave Kim Chae-Hwa skating her last competition dance routine, she is to retire this year and start her new career in as an assistant coach.
Kim Chae-Hwa (above) was ranked 4th at this stage but finished in 16th position.

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No Kim Yu-Na at 4 Continents 2011

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  1. Yes you are right with no Kim the competition was all about Ando and Asada. But Yuna is now back

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